Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's strange how you can sail the same itinerary over and over and then see something new for the first time. After having sailed the Mexican Riviera a number of times, on a family cruise to celebrate my husbands big birthday, we stopped at Mazatlan. Needless to say, my husband played golf. But my grown children and I headed off to Old Mazatlan. I'd always gone to the Golden Zone...hitting all the shops or to Senor Frogs. But this time, we headed over to see the old area and what a treat. Outdoor cafes, the old mercado where my daughter squealed at the sight of a pig's head, the old theater and traditional architecture that was a delight. We stopped for a cookie at the oldest bakery in Mazatlan, strolled through an art museum and capped the day off with my children treating themselves to a massage at a day spa we passed by. It was a wonderful day...and I would highly recommend that next time you're in Mazatlan...skip the Golden Zone and explore the old town.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Share Your Favorite Cruise Memory or Favorite Picture.

We invite you to share your favorite cruise memory...happy, sad, funny, embarassing. So to start things off, I believe my happiest cruise memory and this will sound bizarre was spending my 10th anniversary on the Island Princess. Two days before my husband had done his first parasailing off Puerto Vallarta and I was scared he was going to die...I told him if I spent my 10th anniversary in Acapulco shipping him home, I would kill him myself. But he survived and we spent an interesting anniversary...Invited by our Italian waiter to a local soccer match (long before soccer became popular in America) between the crew and a local team, we were an audience of two in the stands. We cheered. It was a rough and tumble match. The local team prevailed - but the crew appreciated the cheering section. We bounced through the back streets of Acapulco (an eyeopener that most tourists don't see) and headed back to the ship for a more sedate and intimate anniversary dinner. But it was a wonderful experience and a great day! Coming up on 30 years since that day...and wondering where we will be to celebrate #40! Any suggestions? Send them in