Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My First Cruise

Well, coming into my 59th year, it seems an eternity since I first set foot on a cruise ship. I was 7 years old, lived in Australia, and my Dad, an American Marine who had met my mother and settled in Australia, decided we should meet our American we took a cruise (about a month crossing the Pacific). For a kid, it was cool. We slept five people in a cabin and I was so disappointed not to get a top bunk. There were two classes on the ship...Tourist and First Class and we were not allowed to mingle. There were NO bathrooms in the cabins...just saltwater showers down the hall along with the toilets. But we had a blast. The crew loved having kids around. We got to enjoy the ship...except for the fact that as kids, we had to eat with the other kids...And it was not the gourmet food we see today. It was typically English fare....nobody was going to gain weight on that cruise. Still, yet when I remember back to that first day on the ship, it seemed so huge and today, now, it would be dwarfed by the megaliners today. How about sharing your first cruise experience?

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